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                Zhulong.com (/), founded in 1998, is the most influential architecture portal website in the world. The website covering many architectural expertise such as architecture design, construction, cost, project management and so on.

                Zhulong focus on providing, architecture industry consulting for architects and engineers. Technical data download, job hunting, skills training, architecture materials query are also involved. Our platform offer the space that architecture practitioners can show themselves and research business cooperation, which based on 10.4 million members.

                We take up the responsibility of reforming the architecture industry by internet. Hope we can enhance industrial communication, improve work efficiency and promote advantage technologies through efforts.

                The goal of our unremitting efforts is making every architecture practitioners "enjoy your job, enjoy your life !"

                Users Analysis

                Presently, Zhulong website has registered architects and engineers from Architecture Design, Construction, Real Estate industries and companies, most of them are in the developed areas in China and 90% of them enjoyed higher academic degrees.

                Zhulong Members Region Distribution (unit: thousand people)

                • Provinces

                • Guangdong1350
                • Beijing940
                • Zhejiang950
                • Jiangsu 750
                • Shanghai 670
                • Shandong590
                • Sichuan570
                • Hubei510
                • Hebei340
                • Others4230

                Zhulong Members Major Distribution

                • Majors

                • Architecture Construction1550
                • Architecture Design1300
                • Plumbing Engineering 1240
                • Electric Engineering1150
                • Interior Design1030
                • Engineering Cost940
                • Landscape Design870
                • Architecture Structure860
                • Property Development 780
                • Road Bridge Tunnel 680
                • Others500

                Zhulong Members Education Background Distribution

                • Education Background

                • Doctor Degree 700
                • Master Degree 1080
                • Bachelor Degree 4760
                • Junior College3280
                • Technical School1080